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Nutritionist. Heemangi Patil

Panelist For Mrs. India & Founder of Beingwell Nutrition by Heemangi

Is a Post Graduate in Applied Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a certified Naturopath practising for more than three years now.

My Aim

Healthy Transformations by curating goal-based meals.

Her areas of expertise are in making a Holistic and Therapeutic diet plan which is customized according to an individual’s body needs. Her proficiency lies with Diet Planning for cases such as Thyroid, Child Obesity, Pregnancy & Lactation meal plans, PCOS, Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2, Weight Gain/Loss, Geriatric Nutrition, overall Weight Management, Irritable bowel syndrome & digestive disorders.

She strongly believes in a scientific approach and balanced meal plans without any artificial supplements or Fad/trending diets which makes it long term and sustainable towards leading a healthy and energetic lifestyle

Heemangi believes in maintaining a personalised approach with all her clients and her persuasion, dedication have helped clients achieve their goals. All her clients have found commendable and sustainable improvements not just in their health but also in their lifestyle which has regained their confidence.



  • Heemangi has conducted Corporate seminars and Webinars to spread the awareness of the importance of nutrition and balanced diets.
  • She is also associated with NGOs for conducting Nutritional Status Assessment and Diet planning for the underprivileged kids.
  • Her brand has also collaborated with an online consultation platform of Dietitians ‘Know your food’ where anyone across the Globe can book their diet consultations.

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